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Droolworthy Coffee Shops in RI

Droolworthy Coffee Shops in RI


Those 6 little letters form a Mmmmm-filled response from almost anyone who has fallen in love with that first eye-opening whiff of brew, that first moment of wrapping cold hands around a warm mug, and that first delicious hot sip. 

Most people stumble around until they finish their first cup in the morning. Others need a steady stream throughout the day to function. (Ahem. Omar, our co-founder…) For some, it’s an afternoon pick-me-up or an evening ritual to decompress.

Coffee is the life force of tired parents around the nation, and of hardworking people everywhere.  

A cup of joe is a spot to meet people over, a designated space to work over, a quiet moment to reflect over. Coffee on the deck. Coffee in the office. Coffee on the go. It’s the universal love language of the masses.  

We’ve gathered up a list of our favorite java shops in RI for you to sip, gulp, and chat at. We’ve had so many amazing small moments created over this comforting, versatile beverage that we hope you’ll take the time to stop into each one of these yummy spots to create and enjoy your own special moments.

 Man holding coffee mug with Air and Anchor jewelry on.

MainStreet Coffee, East Greenwich


Felicia’s Coffee, East Greenwich


The Nook Coffee House, East Greenwich

Cool Beans Cafe, Narragansett

The Coffee Grinder, Newport

Jitters Cafe, North Kingstown

Ellie’s Bakery, Providence

Small Pointe Cafe, Providence

The Coffee Exchange, Providence


The Shop, Providence

White Electric Coffee, Providence

Shayna’s Place, Wickford

 Americano, latte, cappuccino? However you like to drink it, grab your keys and head to one of the above spots. We won’t judge you if you grab a muffin or croissant while you’re at it. After all, what’s coffee without a crumbly carbohydrate sidekick?

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