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Get Stoned with Aventurine

Get Stoned with Aventurine

Let’s all press play on a little Bob Dylan right now to set the mood so we can alllllllll get stoned... (with aventurine).


We decided to work with stones! (Cue loud over-the-top cheering)

We launched our new Aventurine Gemstone Pendant and Aventurine Gemstone Necklace this week, and while you can’t smoke ‘em, you’re definitely gonna want to wear ‘em! Adding these unique stones to our Chain Necklace collection has us feelin’ mighty fly and here’s why: 


There is a family of stones called aventurine that are part of the quartz family. They have all these gorgeous tiny specks of mica throughout which makes them “wicked sparkly.” ← That’s a technical jewelry term we coined in Rhode Island. 😉 

 Just like our families, aventurine comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors. The really cool thing about these wicked sparkly gems is that, just like other quartz, it can absorb electromagnetic pollution in the air. 

So you know your cell phone that’s constantly in your hand? That tablet you’re always surfing Amazon on? Along with your airpods, your laptop, your Alexa, your TV...all the electronics you love so much give off frequencies that can overload your body making you feel tired, sluggish, and grumpy. This rockin’ family steps up like a shield to block the onslaught of these frequencies.  

What’s even more awesome is that the expert crystal gurus at Crystal Vaults rely on it to provide good fortune to all who wear it by bringing in prosperity, abundance, and success. It’s like your own personal cheerleader pumping you up for victory. According to the experts at Energy Muse, its name comes from the Greek word aventura, which means ‘by chance’. So maybe it’s ‘by chance’ that you’re reading this blog post...or maybe it’s aventurine drawing you in?

Women Wearing AIR AND ANCHOR jewelry while looking at a map preparing for an adventure.

Green Aventurine: AKA 'Bruce Banner, AKA 'The Hulk'

Green aventurine is the muscle in the family. It’s the bouncer, the meathead. It’s the cleaner who’s gonna protect you at all costs. It eats the electromagnetic frequencies we just talked about for dinner while it guzzles its protein shake. 

As hard as it works to clean up the air around you, it offers some shrink-like benefits too. If you feel like lying down on its office couch and telling it all about that time in elementary school when you dropped your tray in the middle of the cafeteria and everyone laughed at you, that’s cool. Or, you can let it work quietly in the background to release disappointments, habits, and old cycles that no longer serve you. 

When you start eliminating all the electromagnetic noise, and all those patterns of negativity that you tend to get stuck in, this green muscle stone helps to ground you. Not like, “Go to your room, you’re grounded!”, more like, “I’ve given you a quiet space to chill out so you can stop stressing the small stuff.”

AIR AND ANCHOR Green Aventurine Gemstone Jewelry


When you slip in your green aventurine earrings, or bracelet, take a minute and use them to help get through any major blocks you’re encountering in your life. 

Let’s say you have an annoying problem at work that you haven’t been able to solve. It’s driving you nuts and you’re ready to freak out. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths while you touch the green stone.

Picture yourself in a Rover driving down a gorgeous country road. Ahead of you on the road, there’s a pothole. Inside the pothole is that problem you can’t solve. Not only should the town have filled in that hole already, but it’s about to blow out your tires. Not cool! 

Luckily for you, your coworkers leap out of the woods and quickly patch the hole. (Jenny and Craig are really the coolest. You should take them out for a beer sometime to say thanks.)

You cruise right over that area where the pothole used to be with your tires intact thanks to your pals. The next time you go to tackle that work problem? It should feel as easy to deal with as it was for Jenny and Craig. 

According to Brenda over at Healing with Crystals, green aventurine has a way of helping you fill in the potholes of life, so you can breeze through with optimism and enthusiasm rather than busting your tires and getting stuck in a pit of aggravation. 


With the force of green aventurine alongside you, it becomes easier to view major problems as small obstacles. No more feeling like you suck and you can’t do anything right. No more questioning if you’re doing the right thing. You just start feeling like, “I’ve got this!”

Sometimes things get messy. When you start to move through some of your old patterns that are keeping you stuck, you may feel a little down. It’s not always glamorous to grow and change, but the strength of green aventurine will pull you through to the other side. You’re a badass and it’s time the world knew it!


Green is the color of the Heart Chakra.’s gonna make you feel things. But it’s also going to help you meet your own needs and there is a lot of good that can come from that.

Maybe you’re a mom or dad who always puts their kids first? Maybe you’re the friend who’s always helping others at the expense of taking care of yourself? Whatever the case, green aventurine can help you bring balance back into your relationships. 

When your heart chakra is open, it’s much easier to deal with your emotions - big or small. You may find yourself blurting out how you really feel instead of stuffing it down. You may stop pretending something isn’t bothering you when it really is. When you can develop new ways of accepting and moving through your emotions without holding them back, you may just be amazed at how fantastic you feel. 

Strongly connected to the earth, green aventurine keeps you feeling grounded, balanced, and positive. This pretty stone helps to keep your heart filled with hope, confidence, and joy as you tackle everything life throws your way. When you wear it, you will find yourself more in love with the process of being alive and less attached to the outcome of all the small things you’re currently stressing over.

Now...are you ready to learn why we love blue aventurine just as much as we love green?

Feeling Like a Transformer: Blue Aventurine

So you’re looking at the grid of knuckleheads you work with on Zoom, again. There they are, spouting their crap (when you know they really have no clue what’s going on).  Meanwhile, you and blue aventurine have been meditating together. Yesterday, it hit you. The IDEA, the one that is going to launch the company into the stratosphere.

These guys don’t seem to want to listen, but you’re holding blue aventurine in your hand. You take a hard look at them. Suddenly you feel yourself transform inside. Just like Bumblebee, you go from a sweet little yellow ride into a powerful robot soldier. You open your mouth, and out comes the truth - your truth.

You don’t go all Optimus Prime on their asses. Nope, you and your chakras tell it like it is in plain English, and they start to hear you. They sit up, take notice, and start to take notes. You're blowing your own mind, and they are listening!

And that is the power of blue aventurine, the transformation stone. I know. It kind of looks meek and mild, like one of those pretty marbled easter eggs you can make with a PAAS kit from Stop & Shop. Or like a chocolate and vanilla swirl soft serve (if the chocolate was a deep, luscious blue color.) But we swear to you, this badass stone opens wide your 3rd Eye and Throat chakras and unleashes your superpowers on the world like no one’s business!

Caryl, over at Charms of Light, swears that by opening up your 3rd Eye Chakra, this powerhouse unleashes your intuition while sweeping away negative energy. It basically goes all Mr. Clean on the areas of your life that are ready for transformation.

Remember that pothole Jenny and Craig helped you fill in with green aventurine earlier? Consider blue aventurine to be your best bud who’s sitting shotgun, whispering in your ear to go faster down the road to take on that pothole with all you’ve got.

AIR AND ANCHOR blue aventurine jewelry


Blue aventurine wants you to speak up and stop holding back. It connects you powerfully to your highest self. 

Wearing this stone will empower you to speak openly and honestly about what is, and what isn’t working, at any given time. Furthermore, it supports you in taking personal responsibility for your life, opening yourself to new ideas, dreaming bigger dreams and building a larger vision for the future. All of this is going to help you grow into the rad human being you’re meant to be.


If you’ve never considered yourself to be a leader who rallies people around a cause, this may be your time. By opening up your throat and third eye chakras, you may just find yourself at the top of a few stairs, waving your arms dramatically, while passionately spewing your thoughts to anyone who will listen. You may become the person in your workplace known for having great ideas and getting everyone on board with them. This could become your thing. 

While life may throw you some curveballs, blue aventurine will always be there to clear away distractions and obstacles and once again infuse you with the confidence and drive to take life by the horns. Wearing blue aventurine every day will build momentum toward greater and greater transformation. So get ready!


You answer it, right? Of course you do! When you turn that knob and open that door, you shouldn’t be surprised to see blue aventurine standing there. Because when you need a little extra boost of confidence this prince of a stone is always the one you can count on to tell you that you’re amazing. 

It has a soothing way of calming your nerves, chilling you out, and talking you down off the ledge of anxiety. It also gets bonus points for making you a little more focused and on your game. We would say blue aventurine makes you feel smarter’, but maybe we should say it ‘stimulates your intellect’ to be more in keeping with what it actually does. 


This righteous blue crystal gives you courage to take action on what you need to accomplish. This is why wearing green aventurine in combination with blue aventurine is such a badass combo. 

Seriously, Bad. Ass. Blue and green aventurine pair up together and act as your own personal thugs. Every negative vibe coming your way is gonna get the one-two punch of green and blue. With these guys by your side, nothing (and I mean NOTHING) can get in your way.


Energetically clear your blue and green aventurine jewelry after each time you wear it. One simple way to do this is to place the bracelet or earrings in direct sunlight for a few hours. (Morning sun is best!) You can also smudge them with smoldering sage, incense, or palo santo. This is the quickest and easiest way to ensure that when you put your aventurine jewelry on each time it’s ready to go to work for you.


We can’t wait to hear from you about your breakthrough moments with green aventurine and your powerful moments with blue aventurine. Tag us in your pics on social and comment below to tell us all about them!

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