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It's a Bee -utiful World

It's a Bee -utiful World

“OMG, slow down! You’re such a busy bee!” 

How many times did you hear that when you were younger? 

When we were little, we took it as a statement of praise. (We didn’t notice it was said with exasperation.) 

As adults, we now recognize the dripping sarcasm and feel like the bee gets a bad rap! What’s wrong with speeding around, living your best life?

Woman Wearing AIR AND ANCHOR green bracelets

The poor’re always swearing and swatting at it when it buzzes too close to your head. Your buddy’s always hurling himself off the deck chair, contorting himself like he’s in Cirque du Soleil to get away from it. Nothing makes a calm person instantly turn into a crazy person like a yellow and black buzzing object.

But, really...that little bee-dude is just workin’ for his paycheck. 

He doesn’t want to sting you. He has way better things to do. You happen to be in his flight path between here, there, and everywhere. He’s a man on a mission. He’s working harder than a dog. He’s a little tiny superhero to his community. Who, by the way, adore him and are right there working alongside him. 

You’re not going to find a bee working or living solo because he’s not the Lone Ranger. He needs his Tonto. Hell, he needs the whole wild west. So don’t piss him off, because you’ll find yourself running from a huge angry swarm of his friends and family. They’re like the Sopranos. You hurt one bee, you hurt them all. 

Quote by Rachel the co-founder and designer of Air and Anchor

Our co-founder and designer Rachel says about the bee, “It symbolizes a’s always in work mode but it also has balance in its life. The bee is a constant reminder to me to work hard but also to stop and embrace all of the beautiful moments that come with that.”

Remember: While the bumble is always on the go, he always stops and smells the roses. 

Life lessons we can learn from our fuzzy friends?

  • Be productive and have a social life. It doesn’t have to be one or the other.
  • Embrace community. We all need our people.  
  • There’s a big wide world out there, enjoy it.

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