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Don't you be giving me the evil eye...

Don't you be giving me the evil eye...

Ever get that prickle between your shoulder blades like someone’s giving you the evil eye? 

Yeah, us too.

But we’re all adults here. We’re cool. You’re cool. There’s no need to be throwing bad energy around. And yet, there’s always that jealous a**hole who can’t help himself. Our co-founder Omar’s nonna would say that guy was putting the ‘malocchio’ on you. 

Instead of freaking out, the easiest thing to do is slip on a bracelet, ring, or necklace charm with an evil eye symbol and know you’re protected against any negative vibes that might be thrown at you.

Rachel, our co-founder and designer, says of the evil eye, “Being Armenian, the evil eye is everywhere. We have it on our front doors, we have it in our cars. The symbol protects you against people who are giving you the evil eye when you’re not aware of it, against misfortune, or even just against someone who has ill-will against you. Any negativity that comes your way? It protects you. I have them everywhere in my house. Most people of Middle Eastern descent literally have it everywhere and I just think...why not?” 

The evil eye, or μάτι (mati), while on tons of jewelry, bags, and clothing now in the U.S. (even Meghan Markle wears one!) are especially prevalent in the Mediterranean, West Asia, and the Middle East. 

References to its use date all the way back to Greek Antiquity, if you can believe it. Rumor has it that Plato was a superfan of this hard-hitting symbol. (He liked to blog about it too, we hear.) 

The cool thing about this robust symbol is it also protects you from yourself. So, when you’re getting a little “too big for your britches”, as our grandfathers used to say, it protects you from the universe throwing a little misfortune your way to knock your inflated ego back down to size. 

So, stop worrying about who’s jealous of your success, your sweet ride, or your killer new highlights. Our adjustable bracelet will keep an eye on what’s going on around you and deflect any bad vibes coming your way. Life’s too short to get caught up in other people’s drama and negativity. Slip on the evil eye and you just do you, babe.

Evil Eye Jewelry from Air and Anchor

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