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Stay Anchored in the Small Moments

Stay Anchored in the Small Moments

As a company, our goal is to remind you to stay anchored in the small moments; this is what we call ‘the life in between®’. 

These are the tiny periods of time where you sit back and realize something amazing happened, but it wasn’t a huge event. It was a moment in time that had a deeper meaning to you like that big gap-toothed grin from your daughter after you made her laugh or staying for that extra beer with your friends after the game. 

The anchor symbol, and it’s chameleon-like ability to be reflective, encouraging, or inspiring reminds us all to ‘enjoy the small moments™’ so we can make the most out of all parts of our lives.

Stay Anchored in Yourself

“The anchor means so many different things to different people. For me, it’s a symbol that when you’re taking that anchor up, you’re going on your next adventure. You’re ready to move on and keep going.” - Rachel, co-founder of Air & Anchor®.

When you’re feeling weighed down, bummed out, or totally stuck, slip on an anchor crystal adjustable chain bracelet. It is the perfect way to boogie out from under the heaviness that’s holding you down so you can get moving again. A symbol of strength, forward momentum, and of starting new adventures, the anchor will keep you crushing your goals, connecting with new people, and living life drama-free.

woman on beach wearing air and anchor bracelets while holding sun hat

Stay Anchored in What Matters

“When I wear the anchor, it’s a reminder to stay anchored in the small moments.” - Omar, co-founder of Air & Anchor®. 

Life is non-stop and we all have a tendency to get caught up in the craziness. Clip on a blue anchor pendant charm and remember to pause and enjoy the sh*t that matters. Why? Because let’s be honest, you won’t be on your deathbed wishing you had stayed longer in that work meeting. You’ll be wishing you had spent more time hanging out with your kiddos or chatting over an extra helping of pasta with your friends. You only get one go around - make it count!

Anchor Pendant Charm

Stay Anchored in What’s Possible

There is a feeling of hope when a boat sets sail on a new journey. The anchor being lifted up in port signals a new start. Wearing a blue anchor adjustable chain bracelet is a great reminder to keep hitting your goals and reaching for your dreams. You have the strength to accomplish everything you set your mind to. Now, do it!

Air and Anchor Anchor Bracelet on Woman's Wrist

So, tell us...what does the anchor mean to you? Confidence, trust, security, safety, hope, strength, or something totally different? Comment below and let us know! 👇🏼

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  • Jeanna

    I have an anchor necklace and bracelet. To me, an anchor can symbolize safe harbor, feeling secure and happy. It can also symbolize a pause on the longer journey of life, a moment to stop and get your bearings before continuing on, perhaps on a totally new adventure.

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