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Vintage U.S. Flag Pins = The Best Voting Partners

Vintage U.S. Flag Pins = The Best Voting Partners

Get A Free U.S. Flag Pin With Every Purchase (while supplies last!)

If you’ve been lucky enough to have a grandfather who drew you into his world in some way, then you know what a special relationship that is. 

In the case of Rachel (co-founder of Air & Anchor®) it was being in her grandfather’s factory together where he was manufacturing jewelry. 

I would be there after school and on summer vacations. He taught me every part of manufacturing. We loved to design things together and work off of each other on design ideas.” - Rachel

U.S. Flag Pin: Building The American Dream

Ralph Rafaelian, Rachel’s grandfather, started a manufacturing business in 1966 during the Vietnam War. He opened up a factory in Rhode Island to create Patriotic Jewelry because he loved our country so much. U.S. flag tac pins were a staple design in his collection throughout his entire career. He adored creating, wearing, and selling these inspirational pins. 

Ralph believed in the American dream and felt the U.S. flag pin was the perfect symbol to represent, uplift, and cheer on anyone looking to live that dream. 

Over time, many of Ralph’s competitors took their businesses overseas to increase their profit margins, but he stood by his products and chose to continue production in the U.S. He was committed to quality and felt if the products were made anywhere other than in his own backyard, he couldn’t promise the same quality to his customers.  

U.S. Flag Pin: Creating Today’s Dreams

We’re at a very different point in the history of our country right now then we were in the 1960s, but there’s still a lot of upheaval and change happening.

Voting time is coming up, and if there’s one thing we’ve learned from Ralph, it’s that doing something small can have a big effect. We hope you’ll put on a mask and go make your vote count. Or, mail in your vote if you’re quarantining in place. However you do it, please vote and make your voice heard.

Our desire to carry on the family legacy of U.S. manufacturing led us to reopen Ralph’s building that had fallen vacant, re-hire long-time jewelry artisans, and revitalize the family connections with local craftsmen. 

In the factory, we have about 1,000 U.S. flag tac pins that Ralph created decades ago. We’re sending one of these vintage pins free in every order you place with us right now. In doing so, we’re honoring Ralph’s love of country, our love of country, and hoping to inspire you to head to the polls. 

 Pop on this red, white, and blue pin and go cast your ballot!

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