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Sodalite...can we be besties?

Sodalite...can we be besties?

No, this isn’t some new sugar-free soda, like the name sodalite may lead you to believe.

It’s a particularly gorgeous blue gemstone that really spoke to us at the beginning of the COVID-19 shutdown, right around the time we were getting ready to launch the Air & Anchor brand. In reading about this stone, we learned that it provides a feeling of ‘calm in the storm’, something we really needed at the time!


Is the daily grind slowly crushing the life out of you? Have you been feeling anxious and out of sorts lately? Never fear, sodalite is here! 

This peaceful stone encourages you to take a deep breath and channel your inner yogi. Before you know it, your higher self will be running the show and clarity and deep thoughts will be your norm. You might even find yourself making some positive changes in your life. Wheatgrass, anyone?

Just say Ohmmmmmn, babe.

Woman's wrist with Air and Anchor Bracelets on it


Not only does sodalite hook you up with your best self and offer calm in the storm, it also offers super-charged inspiration and supports you being, well, YOU. 

You know that little voice inside that sometimes tells you what choice to make? It’s not an angel or devil on your shoulder, it’s actually your intuition. As a ‘stone of intuition’ sodalite helps you to feel more confident in making decisions. When you need to hold your ground and stand strong in your choices, show up in this beaded adjustable bracelet


The key to sodalite’s superpowers lies in its far-out crystal structure. It belongs to a special bad-ass class of minerals called ‘enhancer filter crystals’. 

Their unique structure makes this stone the perfect filter for stopping negative energy in its tracks. Like the bouncer at the door of your favorite club, this guy keeps all that bad juju out of your air space. 

As a result, it’s a fantastic grounding stone. Wear sodalite when using your laptop, your cell phone, or any other electronic device to help shield you from electromagnetic interference. As it works to clear the air of static and ionic charges, you might notice your mood lift, your focus laser in, and your thinking get more clear. 

Air and Anchor's Blue Sodalite Bracelet in Gold resting on rope.


Not only does sodalite connect you to your 3rd eye, but it also supports the throat chakra to help you to say what you mean. We all have a tendency to hold back what we’re really thinking sometimes, especially when we’re trying to be kind. 

Your friend’s new hair color looks terrible on her, your dog was the one who pooped on your neighbor’s lawn, your wife’s new dress is not flattering...that’s not stuff you want to say out loud. But sometimes, you don’t speak up because you’re afraid of failure or you’re afraid to ask for what you really need.  

With your throat chakra wide open, you can speak your truth, and share your unique gifts with the world. So, wear your sodalite beaded adjustable bracelet on days when you have to slay that important meeting, knock it out of the park with your presentation, negotiate a new contract, ask for a raise (you deserve it!!) or ask your teenager to clean his room.
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