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How to Heal From Burnout

How to Heal From Burnout

We are taught that hard work breeds success and the more we achieve the greater we will succeed. Sound familiar? Our world moves a mile a minute and we are constantly on the go. This fast-paced environment revolves around being on and being connected, but we need to take a step back. It’s time to take a pause. No matter what stage in life we’re in, we’re all at risk of burnout.

What Is Burnout?

The American Institute of Stress defines burnout as “physical or mental collapse caused by overwork or stress.” With the added uncontrollable stressors of a global pandemic, now more than ever, we need to know how to properly distress. 

Burning Bright, by Kesley Patel, follows the author’s personal burnout journey and offers insight about how to come back from burning out. She took hold of her life and made a change. Kelsey went from a high-powered job on Capitol Hill to becoming a Reiki master and a wellness coach in Los Angeles, California. Kelsey was in physical pain during her time on Capitol Hill and she consciously made the decision to change her life for her personal well-being. And, she encourages others to do the same. We all can make a change in our lives to better ourselves. One of our founders, Omar, embarked on a similar journey, leaving his high-stress job behind.

Change does not have to be made with drastic measures. It can start with our mindfulness and being able to pay attention to when we are feeling overly stressed or physically ill.

Preventing Burnout

Instead of healing from burnout, we can educate ourselves on how to prevent burnout. Within ourselves, we have the power to create a space to be mindful of our surroundings. A healthy space starts with the people we surround ourselves with. We can spread positivity and lift others up by surrounding ourselves with people who love and care about us. We can enrich ourselves by providing our bodies with sunlight by simply reading outside, or going for a walk on the beach to gain vitamin D. 

It’s important that we are mindful of ourselves. We have the ability to understand our bodies and to know when we are not feeling well. We need to have the tools to make ourselves feel better and know the coping mechanisms that should be implemented when we are feeling stressed or anxious. 

Moving Forward

At Air & Anchor, we are focused on the small moments that make up our lives. We know how important it is to truly be in the moment. The little moments in life allow us to get inspired and be creative. By letting the air in, you can breathe new life into your work. By allowing ourselves the opportunity to de-stress and prevent burnouts, we allow ourselves to live a happier life.

We challenge our readers to take time for yourself and focus on self-love. It’s time to look at your life introspectively and ask yourself the tough questions. Do you love your job or is it holding you back from something more? Does your environment inspire you or does it stifle your creativity? Asking yourself the hard questions will allow yourself to truly understand the stressors in your life. It is likely that some of the stressors in your life are controllable. Look inside yourself and ask what you need from your life. Share your journey with us and follow along on Instagram @airandanchor

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