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Recipe Roundup: What We’re Cooking for the Fourth of July

Recipe Roundup: What We’re Cooking for the Fourth of July

It’s finally the Fourth of July. We made it through the longest spring ever… barely. With holidays comes cooking, but we like to do things a little off the cuff. Keep reading to check out the recipes we’ll be cooking that are perfect for a kick-ass holiday weekend.


Summertime + holiday weekend = two words… summer beer. This year we are not making traditional cocktails or stocking up on any of the “red, white, and berry” vodkas or spiked seltzers. We are making micheladas with a twist from none other than Guy Fieri.


Every barbeque needs an appetizer. And no, we aren’t talking about scallops wrapped in bacon or shrimp cocktail. Cheesy corn poppers, aka the dish everyone will be raving about all weekend. These unexpected savory bites will make your mouth water. Make sure not to eat more than you can handle; you’ll still want to make it to dessert.

Side Dish

After all the salty cocktails and apps, your palette will be craving something refreshing. And there is nothing more refreshing than a simple citrus salad. This isn’t just a regular salad. There aren’t any greens in it, so is it even as salad… well, that’s for you to decide. 


You made it through allll the courses, and it’s finally time for a red, white, and blue dessert.

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